Maintenance Tips

Regular maintenance of your Mosquito Magnet® trap is vital to continued mosquito control. We suggest the following maintenance schedule:

Replace Attractant Cartridge Every 21 Days:

Both the Octenol and Lurex3 attractants are formulated to last 21 days. After that time, the attractants begin to lose potency and the traps will not be as effective in attracting and capturing biting insects.

Refill or Replace Propane Tank Every 21 Days:

On average, you will use a full tank of propane within 21 days. It is critical to make sure your propane tank is full. An empty tank will adversely affect the vacuum mechanism, and will drain the battery on the Liberty Plus and Pro models.

Clean or Replace Net:

Start each season with a new net and clean as needed. Nets that are clogged with dead mosquitoes or spiders will have an adverse effect on the vacuum. Once the mosquito population has diminished, you will notice that you'll have to empty the net less frequently.

Off-season Storage

It is important to store your Mosquito Magnet properly after your mosquito season has ended. During the off-season, it’s best to store your Mosquito Magnet in a garage or shed to protect it from the elements. The following steps are recommended to ensure your product works effectively next season:

  • Turn off your Mosquito Magnet
  • Turn off and disconnect the regulator from the propane tank.
  • Disconnect the battery and place in a plastic bag (Liberty Plus and 2004 Pro & Pro Plus models only).
  • If your product is equipped with the Quick-Clear Valve, you should perform this preventive maintenance prior to storage.
  • Place the Mosquito Magnet Trap Cover over the unit and secure. This will keep insects from hibernating inside and clogging the funnel or fans. This will also prevent dust and moisture from accumulating in the unit.
  • Remove and discard the net and any open attractant cartridges prior to storing the Mosquito Magnet.


Seasonal Start-Up

Mosquito eggs begin hatching once the temperature consistently reaches 50ºF. Make sure that you're ready! We recommend the following start-up tips so that you’ll be prepared this season.

  • Make sure you have a full propane tank, a full attractant cartridge, and a new bag.
  • Remove the trap cover from the Mosquito Magnet, and let the trap fully dry out before starting. If there is a lot of dampness, place the trap in the sun for a couple of days before starting.
  • Reattach regulator hose to tank, then attach the power adaptor.
  • Use your Mosquito Magnet Quick-Clear cartridge prior to starting.
  • Turn on the propane tank and proceed with the standard start-up instructions.


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