Lurex3 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lurex3?

Lurex3 is an attractant specifically designed to attract the Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes Albopictus). If the Asian Tiger Mosquito is the predominant pest in your area, we recommend that you try Lurex3 in your Mosquito Magnet®.

Who should use Lurex3 ?

Customers who live in areas where Asian Tiger is the predominant mosquito should use Lurex3 instead of Octenol. We recommend the use of Octenol for customers who live within about 10 miles from the coast, where salt marsh mosquitoes and no-see-ums are most likely the predominant pests.

Why is Lurex3 better than Octenol for Asian Tiger Mosquito?

Our studies have shown that Lurex3 catches almost three times more Asian Tiger Mosquitoes than Octenol.

What if I have other mosquitoes besides Asian Tiger, should I still use Lurex3?

If Asian Tiger Mosquito is your predominant pest, we recommend that you use Lurex3. If you live along the coast we recommend using Octenol since the primary pests are probably salt marsh mosquitoes and no-see-ums.


Quick Glance

The Asian Tiger Mosquito

Found in 30 states; Predominant inland, not along the coast.

Aggressive day biter; Unlike other mosquitoes, will leave shade to bite.

Breeding Areas:
Container breeder; Artificial locations: Buckets, gutters, cans, pool covers;

Natural Locations:
Tree holes, bromeliads, bamboo, inside of plant leaves.

Weak flyer; feeds near breeding areas.